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Kaimiņi aicina mūs uz Igaunijas Ziemas Triatlona Čempionātu 23.-24.03.2018 Jõulumäe.

Kaimiņi aicina mūs uz Igaunijas Ziemas Triatlona Čempionātu  23.-24.03.2018 Jõulumäe.

Winter triathlon Estonian Championships 2018

Jõulumäe Raudmees 2018 II race



Time and place:  23.-24.03.2018 Jõulumäe Sport and Recreation Centre                                         Address: Leina village, Häädemeeste parish, Pärnu county

GPS:  N(B) 580 13’ 23’’   E(L) 240 30’ 59’’

Organizers: Sport Club Raudmees with Jõulumäe Sport and Recreation Centre and Estonian Triathlon Association                                                                                                                                         Chief Organizer:  Enn Kübar, phone: +372 50 33392, email:


I distance: Run 1,0 km + Bike 3,0 km + Ski 1,5 km


Born year

Start groups list

2009. – 2011. born

Kids E girls and boys

2007. – 2008. born

Kids D girls and boys

2005. – 2006. born

Kids C girls and boys


II distance: Run 3,0 km + Bike 6,0 km + Ski 4,5 km


Born year

Start groups list

2003. – 2004. born

Youth B girls and boys

2001. – 2002. born

Youth A girls and boys

1959. – 1968. born

Senior II   50-59 female and male

1949. – 1958. born

Senior III  60-69 female and male

1948. and earlier born

Senior IV  70+  female and male


Amateurs female and male


III distance: Run 6,0 km + Bike 12,0 km + Ski 9,0 km


Born year

Start groups list

1999. – 2000. born

Juniors female and male

1979. – 1998. born

Elite female and male

1969. – 1978. born

Senior I  40-49 female and male

Event Schedule:

Friday, 23.03.2018                                                                                                                         15:00 – 21:00 Welcome and accommodation                                                                                              18:00 – 19:00 Race briefing

Satrurday, 24.03.2018                                                                                                                     8:00 – 18:00 Race centre is opened                                                                                                       8:00 – 13:20 Registration (until 30 minutes before each race start)                                                            10:00 I start (Kids E, D and C)                                                                                                                                11:15 Awarding ceremony for Kids E, D and C                                                                                               11:30 II start (Youth B, A; Senior II, III, IV and Amateurs)                                                                        13:30 III start (Juniors, Elite and Senior I )                                                                                                     14:00 – 17:00 Refreshment                                                                                                                                16:45 Awarding Ceremony

Registration:                                                                    Pre-registration I wave until 10.02.2018, 21:00 and II wave until 20.03.2018, 21:00 with entry fees:



I start                  Kids E, D, C

II start

Youth B, A; Seniors II, III, IV; Amateurs

  III start

Juniors, Elite, Seniors I

Till 10.02.2018


10,- EUR

20,- EUR

Till 20.03.2018

3,- EUR

15,- EUR

25,- EUR

On the race day

5,- EUR

20,- EUR

30,- EUR

Entry fee paying details: Sport club Raudmees account : EE751010902001000003  SEB Bank                             Please mark the  purpose of payment: „Jõulumäe winter triathlon“, name, surname and your start age group.     Additional registrations on the race day until 1 hour before each start.


Athlete’s license is mandatory.

Athletes, who have not a valid triathlon athlete’s license, can buy it on the race day, but the license will be valid only for one current race. The one day license fees are:

 Kids E, D, C

Youth B, A, Juniors,  Amateurs

 Elite, Seniors I, II, III, IV

1,- EUR

5,- EUR

10,- EUR


Competition rules:


  • Know, understand and follow the ITU Competition Rules;
  • The helmet must be securely fastened and fit properly at all times when the athlete is in possession of the bike;
  • Athletes can ride with Fatbikes and MTB bikes, but handlebars must comply with ITU rules;
  • Draft legal events;
  • Failing to follow the prescribed course / not finishing described race course will result to disqualification;
  • Outside assistant is not allowed;
  • Everybody can start in Elite group, but they will lose the right to their age group awards;
  • After finishing race it is mandatory to return timing chip devise.



I start (Kids) awarding ceremony at. 11:15; II and III start awarding ceremony at. 16:45.

All AG winners will be awarded with a cup and diploma.

II and III start winners will get a cup, diploma and prizes.


Three (3) Parking places are opened on the  Jõulumäe Sport and Recreation Centre.


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